Evening ski touring at the Graukogel

This event has already taken place.

Every Wednesday and Friday, the ski-touring scene gathers at the Graukogel Hütte!

The slopes on the Graukogel (B2, B4, B5) are open until 10 p.m. for ski tourers.

Rules for Ski Tourers:

  • Only climb the piste using the edge of the slope, go in single file and beware of other skiers   
  • Never cross the piste in areas where visibility is restricted   
  • Obey piste closures and warning signs   
  • After dark, always have your headlamp switched on and wear reflective clothing
  • Pay close attention to potential alpine hazards
  • Be considerate of wildlife and young trees   


The slope closure for the slopes B2, B4 and B5 is lifted only on the mentioned nights from 5.00 to 10.00 pm. At all other days the slopes are open until 8.00 pm. Please notice that during this time there are snow groomers on their way (without winch). There is also no slope control and slope safety! 

Photo credit: Steinbauer Photography

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