Safety & tips

Away from the secured slopes, safety is always the top consideration!!!

Freeriding - what you have to keep in mind

Before you set out on a run, make sure you collect all the information you might need at the Freeride Info Base, located at the mountain terminal of the Goldbergbahn in Sportgastein. Here you will be able to find out which routes are currently open or closed, what the current avalanche risk level is, important telephone numbers, how to behave out in open terrain and much more.

Outside of the designated routes, you will find yourself in open skiing terrain which you enter at your own risk and for which the lift company bears no liability.

Here are some additional safety tips and useful information:

Gear Never ride without a helmet, avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe, first aid kit and mobile phone.
Avalanche Search Area Before you head off-piste, you should familiarize yourself with your avalanche transceiver. Make use of our avalanche search area to practice for a worst-case scenario. You can find additional information here. It often takes several minutes for mountain rescue to arrive, which means that being in a position to rescue your own buddies can be a matter of life and death.
Off-Piste Safety Never ski alone and never enter unknown terrain! Bad visibility – try again another time! On steep slopes more than 30°: maintain at least 30 metres distance between each skier! Clearly define your next meeting point, and be sure to choose a safe place! Be alert to hazardous areas and snow drifts!
Avalanche Conditions* You can find current avalanche conditions in Salzburger Land here.
Weather You should always be aware of weather conditions, especially when you are about to head out into the backcountry. Be alert to changing weather conditions while you are skiing as well. A sudden turn in the weather can often have fatal consequences! Here you will find current weather conditions and forecasts.
Important Telephone Numbers Sportgastein ski patrol: +43 (0) 6434 3420 - 730
Alpine emergency: 140
Don’t forget to save these numbers to your mobile phone!
Freeride Guides* Experience in open terrain is one of the most important factors for an enjoyable, safe freeride experience. So, we would suggest gaining some of that personal experience as you allow one of our professional freeride guides to take you out through the backcountry! You will find many of our local guides listed here.
Rental Stations* If you would like to check out the very latest freeride gear or just need some expert advice, please go ahead and click here.
Beacon Checker At the Freeride Info Base located at the mountain station of the Goldbergbahn, you can double-check that your avalanche transceiver is working properly one more time before heading out on your freeriding adventure.
Important Advice Always pay attention to avalanche warning lights and safety signs. Always follow instructions given to you by the ski patrol or mountain rescue services.
Never trust pre-existing tracks in the snow! They don’t offer any guarantee for avalanche safety and could potentially lead you in the completely wrong direction.
Prerequisites The absolute prerequisite for a pleasant freeride experience is having the necessary skiing or boarding skills. Only ever go off-piste if you have the necessary level of physical fitness and the technical skills to do so.

 *Third-party offers and information, no liability assumed on the part of the lift company.


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