Faq's Ski touring on the slopes

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about piste ski tours

No. The designated piste tours can only be used outside the official piste closures and only when they are officially open. It will soon be possible to see whether a piste tour is open at https://www.skigastein.com/en/winter/lifts-winter.

No. The use of unsigned ski runs is prohibited. In the event of any accidents, the piste tourer has to reckon with legal liability consequences.

Yes, the multi-day and season tickets for Ski amadé and Super Ski Card include the use of the designated piste tourer routes.

There is a day ticket for 14 euros, as well as a season ticket for 140 euros. Both tickets are only valid for the designated piste tourer routes of the Gasteiner Bergbahnen AG.

Children (born 2006 and younger) can use the routes (without cable car ride) free of charge. If a lift is used, a valid multi-day or season ticket or a piste tourer day pass for 14 euros is required. Young people (born between 2003 and 2005) need a valid ticket for all piste tours.

Random checks are to be expected. If no valid ticket is presented, a single piste tourer ticket (EUR 14) must be purchased. In the case of illegally parked vehicles, a property violation lawsuit is to be expected.

The tickets are available in the online ticket shop at skigastein.skiperformance.com and at all Gasteiner Bergbahnen AG ticket offices (Schlossalm, Angertal, Stubnerkogel, Graukogel, Sportgastein).

Included are: designated piste tourer routes, parking spaces, ski runs, tolls on the Gasteiner Alpenstraße, use of the lifts in the first section of the Schlossalmbahn, Graukogellift, Goldbergbahn.

The Gastein Alpine Road toll is only included if the piste tourer route is actually used in Sportgastein (not for other uses).

Piste tourers day tickets from the online ticket shop can be used directly on the smartphone or printed out yourself. No detour to the cash desk is necessary. The smartphone can also be used when using the first section of the Schlossalmbahn or Graukogellift.

Season tickets for ski tourers are personalized and only available on a KeyCard. When purchasing in the online ticket shop, the following options are available: topping up an existing KeyCard, picking it up at a cash desk, sending it by post.