Gastein Panorama World

Right at the heart of the Austrian Alps lies the picturesque Gastein Valley, beloved by guests from all over the world for its excellent ski runs and hiking trails. The breathtaking mountain scenery is home to the Gastein Panorama World and its fascinating attractions at lofty heights. Expect state-of-the-art viewing platforms, adventurous high-altitude hiking trails, and floating suspension bridges – the mountain world of Gastein is full of intense experiences! Where nature plays the leading role, moments of awe and serenity are par for the course.

The suspension bridge at Stubnerkogel

At Stubnerkogel, you’re in for an intense experience on the “floating” suspension bridge. High above the ground, you’re treated to a truly awe-inspiring panorama. Every step along the bridge will make you feel the impressive height and the endless freedom of nature. Thanks to the bridge’s solid construction, you can rest assured that your walk is perfectly safe, allowing you to fully enjoy your lofty adventure.

Glocknerblick viewing platform at Stubnerkogel

Would you like to enjoy even more splendid views from Stubnerkogel in Bad Gastein? If you plan to visit the popular mountain during your stay in Skigastein, you should definitely stop by the “Glocknerblick” viewing platform. The stunning view of the Grossglockner and the surrounding mountains is utterly inspiring, and the fresh mountain air and mind-blowing atmosphere of the Alps will make you feel as if time was standing still.

Talblick viewing platform at Stubnerkogel

The Talblick viewing platform at Stubnerkogel in Skigastein is a popular destination for hikers. The north-facing panoramic view across Bad Hofgastein is a sight to behold and an experience that will make you feel a new kind of connection to the mountains. The mighty summits feel closer than ever, and the magic of the Alps will leave you awestruck. The platform is the perfect place to savor the silence and soak up the beauty of the Alpine landscape.

Schlossalmblick viewing platform at Schlossalm

Schlossalmblick viewing platform at Schlossalm invites you to see the world from a different perspective. Where the sky and clouds seem within reach, the platform offers you unrestricted views across the valley and Stubnerkogel mountain – high above the precipitous depths. It’s the perfect spot to stop and think for a moment, forging new ties with nature as the mountains whisper their stories to you.

Felsenweg trail at Stubnerkogel

Bad Gastein boasts a highlight for hiking enthusiasts: the Felsenweg trail at Stubnerkogel. Amidst rugged mountain peaks and picturesque rock formations, the trail runs through a truly stunning scenery. Every step along the see-through grated metal floor gets you closer to the distinctive viewing platform that invites you to let your gaze wander. A walk along Felsenweg trail brings you closer to rugged rocks and crisp mountain air – don’t miss this one-of-a-kind experience!

Der Felsenweg am Stubnerkogel im Winter
Pärchen am Felsenweg am Stubnerkogel im Sommer
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Gastein photopoint

The mountain world of Gastein is full of views and attractions that you just have to capture on camera. One subject that should be at the top of your bucket list is located high up at Schlossalm: the characteristic wooden Gastein letters perched against a mesmerizing mountain backdrop. Sit down on one of the comfortable seating elements and marvel at the sunset bathing the landscape and the wooden letters in color. Take a deep breath, take your time, and feel the magic!