Winter hiking in Skigastein

Winter hiking in the enchanting winter wonderland of Skigastein, the snow crunches beneath your feet and the mountain air is crisp and fresh. Enjoy moments of tranquility and relaxation on picturesque trails that lead you through the stunning mountain landscape of Skigastein!

Genussrunde winter hiking trail

Take a leisurely stroll through a gently undulating winter landscape on the Genussrunde (“enjoyment loop”) winter hiking trail, where its name says it all. This trail is easily accessible, just to the right of the Schlossalmbahn mountain station. The half-hour circular hike begins high up in the mountains and covers an 800-metre route with a gentle 30-metre elevation gain, requiring minimal effort. The primary focus here is on savoring the experience and unwinding amidst an enchanting winter mountain scenery. The highlight of this hike: The mostly flat trail leads you to a photo point offering breathtaking views of the Hirschkarspitze. So, be sure to pack your smartphone or camera to capture this stunning sight!

Panoramaweg Schlossalmblick winter hiking trail

Would you like to enjoy scenic mountain views and are looking for an opportunity to tackle some elevation at the same time? Then the Schlossalmblick trail is the perfect choice for your next winter hike in Skigastein. The starting point is to the left of the Schlossalmbahn mountain station. This 2.2-kilometre trail takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete. As you follow the path, you’ll cover 145 meters in elevation gain, ultimately reaching the Schlossalmblick viewing platform and Hofgasteiner Haus. Step by step, you’ll be treated to a magnificent view of the snow-covered landscape and the majestic mountain scenery of Skigastein.

Winter hiking on Panoramaweg Fulseck

You can also indulge in breathtaking 360-degree views from the summit of Fulseck. When you embark on the 800-metre-long panorama trail, you’ll be treated to impressive views wherever you look. As you revel in the endless expanse of snow-covered scenery stretching as far as the eye can see, you’ll experience an invigorating alpine adventure while covering around 50 meters in elevation gain. To reach the starting point of this winter hiking route, simply take the Gipfelbahn-Fulseck cable car up to its top station. That’s where the adventure begins!

Dorfgastein snowshoeing trail

While snowshoeing in Dorfgastein, you can experience true alpine serenity and pristine white landscapes. Your journey starts at the summit station of the Fulseck cable car and takes you approximately 1 kilometer along a signposted trail to the new Kieserl summit station and back. After covering 70 meters in elevation gain, you’ll discover several charming spots for a well-deserved break including refreshments.

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Winter hiking etiquette

Strolling through the snow, all bundled up, and exploring a snowy winter wonderland – that’s a truly delightful experience. To ensure that your well-deserved nature getaway turns out as imagined, it’s essential to follow some important guidelines. This not only helps keep you and fellow mountain enthusiasts safe but also protects the local flora and fauna:

  • Stay on the marked trails at all times.
  • Give right of way to skiers when crossing ski slopes.
  • Do not cross ski slopes in dangerous sections or where visibility is restricted.
  • Winter hiking trails can only be used during the operating hours of the Schlossalmbahn cable car.
  • Stay updated on mountain conditions: Check the live info online and on-site for the status of the winter hiking trails!
  • Show respect for the young forest and the local wildlife – nature is home to all of us.