Skigastein, winter sports destination for freeride fun

Heading out into fresh powder or gliding over buttery-soft firn in Skigastein means satisfying your hunger for freedom. Top ski areas like Sportgastein and Schlossalm-Angertal-Stubnerkogel offer unforgettable descents through pristine nature. Our freeride guide equips you with vital information for your next off-piste adventure, including avalanche alerts, exciting routes, and relaxing locations for a break. You’ll also receive tips for getting around Skigastein and discover the best places to rent skis.

Sportgastein – hotspot for freeriders

When you come to Skigastein for freeriding, your journey is guaranteed to lead you to the Sportgastein ski area. That’s where perfectly groomed slopes attract fans of classic alpine skiing, but it’s also the perfect playground for freeriders. Gastein’s snow-covered slopes offer excellent conditions for a wide range of winter sports. Three official freeride routes, complete with easy-to-follow directions, are conveniently located near the marked slopes. In addition, Sportgastein stands out as a pioneer in safety matters when it comes to the popular backcountry sport. The ski area even offers a dedicated Freeride Info Base that consistently delivers valuable updates on the snow conditions and provides advice on essential equipment and proper conduct in off-piste terrain. At the Avalanche Training Center (ATC), you can perfect your skills using an avalanche transceiver.

Freeriding in the Schlossalm-Angertal-Stubnerkogel ski area

Freeriders will also find the Schlossalm-Angertal-Stubnerkogel ski area to be a rewarding destination. This family-friendly ski area is the largest interconnected winter sports area in the region and also caters to off-piste enthusiasts with its powder-snow ski route, the Schlossalm freeride route. Starting from the Kaserebenbahn mountain station, this route takes you through diverse terrain in the direction of the Angertal valley.

Respect your limits

As a mountain lover, you appreciate nature and the beauty of our local mountains, and you are often out and about there. Yet the forests, meadows and peaks are not only a recreational area for people, but also a habitat for animals and plants. We therefore have a responsibility to treat them with respect. Respect your limits does not just mean your own physical limits. Limit your off-piste winter sports activities to areas, where no wild animals can be disturbed and the plants cannot be damaged.

Recreation areas for nature are signposted on site as “closed” and marked on maps as restricted areas.

The "Respect your limits" initiative aims to raise awareness of respectful interaction between humans, wild animals and nature.

Freeride- und Genuss-Skigebiet Sportgastein

Important to note:

- Quiet zones and closed areas are retreats for wild animals and rare plants and are therefore reserved for them.

- Stay on the ski slopes and designated freeride routes. You are not allowed to enter protected areas, inform yourself in advance.

- Wild animals particularly like to stay at the edges of forests and on snow-free areas in winter. Disturbances cause stress and loss of energy and can even lead to death.

Service offers for freeride enthusiasts

What makes a day off-piste truly successful? Certainly, it’s the breathtaking slopes, the quality of the snow, and the perfect weather conditions. However, there are additional factors that significantly impact the overall experience, such as orientation, access to information, ski rental, and transportation between the ski areas and your hotel. In Skigastein, we offer the ideal services to ensure your freeride experience is nothing short of perfect!

Tasty delicacies to refuel after freeriding

After an exhilarating day of powder-snow skiing in Skigastein’s ski areas, you’ll be pleased to discover a wealth of charming ski huts beckoning you to a culinary pit stop right off the slopes. Whether you crave hearty delicacies or indulgent pastries: The menus have something to satisfy all taste buds. If you’d rather enjoy your culinary delights in the valley, there are traditional inns, rustic huts, and stylish restaurants awaiting your visit. Plus, you’ll find numerous locations perfect for a high-spirited après-ski experience. Treat yourself to rousing live music, cool drinks and a convivial evening – the cherry on top of your freeriding adventures in Skigastein!

Charming huts
Charming huts
Tasty delicacies high up in the mountains
Culinary delights
Culinary delights
Dining in the restaurants of Skigastein
Après-ski locations
Après-ski locations
For the grand finale to your powder day
What’s the only thing missing now? The right ticket!

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