Freeride Info Base – your mountain safety experts

Skigastein, home to top-class athletes like Sandra Lahnsteiner, is a favorite with freeriders from all over the world. Every year, international contests and events take place there. In addition to breathtaking views and excellent snow conditions, the region is known for its comprehensive safety measures. The Freeride Info Base at the mountain station of Goldbergbahn cable car is your first port of call when it comes to safety in the backcountry, providing you with all the information you need to enjoy safe powder adventures.

Knowledge to keep you safe

The weather in the Alps can change dramatically from one hour to the next, with snow conditions varying from day to day. That’s why it’s important to check the backcountry conditions before your trip. To enjoy a safe freeride adventure, consult the daily avalanche warnings issued by the Province of Salzburg. Right after exiting the cable car at Goldbergbahn mountain station, you can find out about the current avalanche situation at Sportgastein ski resort at the Freeride Checkpoint.

Good to know: If you go freeriding at Schlossalm ski resort, there’s a great ski route waiting for you.

The safety check for your freeride adventure

To ensure maximum safety for your mountain adventures, the Freeride Base has all the equipment and information you need. In addition to the latest avalanche warnings, you can also find out about routes in the freeride area there. An aerial image of the region gives you an idea of the terrain and shows you the official freeride ski routes. First-timers and beginners are provided with comprehensive safety information on the necessary equipment and off-piste etiquette. In addition, the Freeride Info Base offers the following:

  • topographic maps
  • checkpoint for avalanche transceivers
  • avalanche warning display
  • avalanche warning light
  • electronic route clearance
  • emergency numbers and important links

Avalanche Training Center: prepared for every emergency

In case of an avalanche, you have to be fast and confident and don’t panic. Carrying an avalanche transceiver and knowing how to use it is a vital precondition for safe freeride adventures. At the ATC  Avalanche Training Center in Skigastein, you can practice using your safety equipment in real-life conditions free of charge.

Camps and courses: Practice makes perfect

High-quality equipment and in-depth knowledge are essential if you venture away from the groomed slopes. However, your skills in different snow conditions are just as important. That’s why you can improve your skills and increase your safety in various courses offered by the local Freeride ski schools of Skigastein. In addition, the #shadesofwinter camps by well-known athlete Sandra Lahnsteiner are a great opportunity to boost your freeride skills.

Winter tickets for on and off-piste skiing fun

Your ski ticket is your gateway to unlimited freedom in the powder paradise of Skigastein: Find the perfect ticket for your needs in our online ticket shop!

Everything you need to end your day in style

Drop by a mountain hut
Drop by a mountain hut
Enjoy a break in the snow!
Experience àpres-ski entertainment
Experience àpres-ski entertainment
End your ski day in style!
Culinary delights down in the valle
Culinary delights down in the valle
From the snow right to a cosy restaurant