Ski touring in Skigastein

The snow’s satisfying crunch, a serene ascent, and the liberating sense of boundless freedom: Skigastein boasts perfectly groomed and signposted ski touring routes for beginners and seasoned touring enthusiasts. These secured trails lead you to the region’s most stunning scenic viewpoints. Included in every tour: the most exquisite mountain panorama you could imagine!

Tickets for your ski tours on Stubnerkogel, in Sportgastein and other areas

Key ingredients for an enjoyable ski tour: the right gear and the perfect ticket. The price of the latter includes parking, the first lift section (Schlossalmbahn, Graukogelbahn, Angertalbahn, or Gipfelbahn Fulseck), as well as both your ascent and descent. Plus, you’ll enjoy your well-deserved breaks in cozy mountain huts thanks to Skigastein’s top-notch infrastructure. Whether you prefer to get your tickets on the spot or conveniently online, we’ve got you covered.

Ski tours in the extensive Schlossalm-Angertal-Stubnerkogel ski area

Gipfelsieg route: ski tour in Sportgastein

The Gipfelsieg route in Sportgastein offers a one-of-a-kind experience for ski touring enthusiasts who crave breathtaking scenic views. The two-hour tour leads you to the Kreuzkogel summit cross, majestically perched at 2,686 meters within the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park. Another thrilling highlight: the descent through the high alpine terrain of Sportgastein.

For beginners: ski touring in Dorfgastein-Großarltal

The charming Dorfgastein ski area has something special in store for beginners, with its gentle slopes. The Mittelstation-Altörl-Kieserl-Fulseck ski tour is a safe and signposted route that rewards even less experienced ski tourers with a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

Ski tours in the Graukogel ski area

The ski touring routes on Graukogel lead you through enchanting stone pine forests. The best part: Your skills and stamina will be handsomely rewarded at the summit, where you’ll be greeted with picturesque vistas and the joy of skiing on natural snow.

Your ski touring adventure starts right from the valley, eliminating the need for cable cars and saving you money on tickets. However, if you prefer to conserve your energy, you can also opt for the Graukogelbahn, which takes you to the middle station with the right ticket. The choice is yours!

Uphill by moonlight: evening ski tours in Skigastein

Want to experience the magic of the mountains by night? In Skigastein, you can embark on evening ski tours to Graukogel and Stubneralm. While other winter enthusiasts are tucked in bed, you can ascend the slopes on touring skis during select winter evenings. On these special nights, the Stubneralm and Graukogelhütte mountain huts are open for a cozy stop before making your descent to the valley under the mesmerizing light of the full moon. Important: Remember to bring a headlamp to ensure your safety in the darkness!

Important tips for a safe ski tour

To ensure your safety on the ski touring routes, please always adhere to the rules set forth by the Austrian Board of Alpine Safety (ÖKAS):

  1. Observe safety information, warning signs and local regulations.
  2. Ski only on the edge of freshly groomed slopes.
  3. Ascend along the edge of the slope and in single file. The pistes can have a high ski frequency!
  4. Make yourself visible to others!
  5. Do not bring dogs onto the slopes.
  6. Do not ski on closed slopes.
  7. Leave the slopes by the time specified by the cable car company.
  8. Cross the slope only at designated points and with ample space between you and your fellow ski tourers.
  9. If there are dedicated ascent routes or slopes for ski tourers, only use those.
  10. Use the designated parking areas.

Useful information for ski tourers

On-piste touring information

You can find all the essential information about ski tours in Skigastein in a convenient downloadable and printable format. This way, you’ll always have the details about routes, safety information, prices, and possible evening ski tours readily available at your fingertips.

Terms and conditions for ski tourers

With just one click, you can download and read the general terms and conditions for ski tourers.

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