Skigastein sets new standards in terms of CO2 reduction

Our goal: enabling skiing and hiking experiences that live up to our guests’ expectations without harming our environment. To reach this goal, we have taken specific measures: With the help of innovative ideas and sustainable approaches, we are continuously and significantly reducing our CO2 emissions.

Efficiency and precision: optimized slopes grooming and artificial snowmaking in Skigastein

Skigastein boasts a variety of top-class slopes – not least due to our efficient, resource-friendly snowmaking. We use GPS snow depth measurement to optimize our slope grooming and snow-making system because it enables us to see exactly where and when artificial snowmaking is necessary.

In addition, strategically placed snow fences shield the natural snow from wind erosion, reducing the need for further artificial snowmaking.

The results: perfectly groomed slopes as well as water- and energy-efficient snowmaking without losses.

CO2 reduction on the slopes of Skigastein

During the 2023/24 winter season, our ski resort starts an innovative pilot project: using HVO – a biofuel made of vegetable and animal fats and oils – for slope grooming. Two HVO fuel stations will we established for slope grooming purposes at Graukogel and lower Stubnerkogel. The result: a CO2 reduction of about 90 per cent!

Sustainable travel option to Skigastein

Your ski or hiking holiday is just around the corner? Then it’s time to plan your low-emission journey! You’ll be happy to hear that Skigastein offers great options for a particularly resource-friendly “last mile” – thanks to the direct train to the valley station of Stubnerkogelbahn cable car. Train in – ski out!

Resource-friendly mobility in Skigastein

Did you know that you can cut down CO2 emissions by using Skigastein’s electric car-sharing offers and the local ski and hikers’ busses during your stay? These services allow you to spend a sustainable ski or hiking holiday in our region – without any mobility restrictions.

Green, green, green: Skigastein preserves local plants and flowers

Plants need CO2 for photosynthesis. This means that a varied flora contributes to binding more CO2. That’s why it is so important that we commit ourselves to preserving and supporting our local agriculture and forestry, taking specific measures in the fields of forest management, high-altitude afforestation, and soil activation.

What sustainability in Skigastein looks like

Getting there – the last mile
Getting there – the last mile
Your sustainable journey to Skigastein
Solar energy and photovoltaics
Solar energy and photovoltaics
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Nature & marketing – biodiversity
Nature & marketing – biodiversity
Preserving local plants & animals
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Social responsibility projects
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