The rope bridge on Schlossalm

This unique attraction delights climbing fans of all ages and is spanned between two rocky outcrops. With climbing equipment in your luggage, head from the Schlossalm mountain station past the motor skills path to the Schlossalmblick viewing platform, from where the rope bridge starts. Are you brave enough to balance across the four ropes? Then give it a try.

Over the rope bridge to the Schlossalmblick viewing platform

Do you love lofty heights? Experience pure balancing fun on the rope bridge and cross 40 meters on 4 ropes. As a reward, you enjoy the view from the Schlossalmblick viewing platform at the end of the rope bridge, which hovers 12 meters above the abyss. What an experience! The motor skill path, the boulder garden and the climbing wall are in the immediate vicinity.

Equipment for via ferratas is needed here: Climbing the bridge is only possible with the appropriate climbing equipment. The fifth rope serves as a safety rope for clipping in. 

Tip: The rope bridge is also suitable for families with an affinity for climbing (we recommend children aged 8 and over). If you want to practise your balance first, you can do so in the slackline park, on the highline or on the practice via ferrata.

Rent climbing equipment in Skigastein

The right equipment is paramount for safe via ferrata tours. In addition to sturdy footwear, you need a climbing harness, a via ferrata set, and a climbing helmet. Don't have any climbing gear with you? Just rent your equipment at Intersport Fleiß or Angerer Ski- und Alpinschule!

The Slackline Park sparks joy for the whole family

There are more ropes in the Slackline Park on the Schlossalm. Here the whole family balances just a few centimeters above the ground without any need for climbing equipment. What a fun experience!

Your ticket to climbing bliss

Our varied summer tickets can be used for all kinds of holiday adventures. Find out more online and book the tickets for your visit to Skigastein in advance!

Current operating hours of the Gastein cable cars

Get an overview of the current status of lifts, cable cars, and other facilities.

Get help from the experts: guided via ferrata tours in Skigastein

Every Tuesday from July to September, Angerer Ski- und Alpinschule offers guided tours on eight via ferratas. Expect great options for climbers of all ages and skill levels! Guided tours for the rope bridge are of course also available on request.

Alpine highlights: balancing in Skigastein

Schlossalmblick viewing platform
Schlossalmblick viewing platform
The viewpoint and rest area on the Schlossalm
Motor skill path
Motor skill path
Coordination, balance and dexterity are encouraged at 20 stations for young and old.
Boulder park & climbing wall
Boulder park & climbing wall
Make your first climbing experiences
“Laabkopf” via ferrata
“Laabkopf” via ferrata
Via ferrata with short ascents