The Gastein Photopoints in Skigastein

High up in the Gastein mountains, you’ll be treated to an awe-inspiring vista, and you’ll also encounter a distinctive emblem of Skigastein – the word “Gastein” in impressive giant capital letters. The region’s name stands as a remarkable wooden structure positioned next to the Schlossalmbahn mountain station in Bad Hofgastein. Yet, this structure also serves a purpose beyond its visual appeal: It seamlessly melds exceptional mountain experiences with comfortable seating and a holiday-snapshot-worthy motif.

With an impressive height of about three meters, the Gastein letters cannot be overlooked. They fit perfectly into the Gastein Panorama World and are considered a sought-after photo motif among mountain lovers. Convenient bonus: The letters also double as a cozy seating option on the mountain. Following an exhilarating hike or a delightful journey on the Schlossalmbahn cable car, you can sit down on the letters, enjoy the fresh mountain air and take in the magnificent views surrounding you.

Photopoint Gastein in summer
Gastein-Schriftzug bei der Schlossalmbahn-Bergstation
Steinbock-Figur bei der Schlossalmbahn-Bergstation
Gastein-Schriftzug bei der Schlossalmbahn-Bergstation
Photopoint Gastein in summer at Schlossalm

Capture holiday moments – with the Skiline Photopoint

For all those who would like to capture their mountain experience on camera without having to snap a “selfie” or set up a timer and tripod, there’s a convenient solution: the Skiline Photopoint installed on the façade of the Schlossalmbahn mountain station. It blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings but offers state-of-the-art features.

The shutter is activated with a simple touch of the KeyCard or Gastein Card. A friendly countdown message – “Please smile!” – ensures that the moment is captured perfectly. The photos and videos can then be downloaded from, shared or sent to friends and family.

More Photopoint locations in Skigastein

You’ll also find Photopoints at the suspension bridge near the Stubnerkogelbahn mountain station and at the Goldbergbahn mountain station in Sportgastein. Please note that the Photo Point Sportgastein is only active during the winter season. Ready to flash your brightest toothpaste smile against the backdrop of Gastein’s towering peaks? If so, head on over to the nearest Photopoint!

It's that simple:
1. scan your ski pass
2. take up position & wait for the flash
3. retrieve Photopoint photo in the Skiline app and share with friends

Anwendung Photopoint
Pärchen auf der Hängebrücke im Winter am Stubnerkogel
Bergpanorama vom Kreuzkogel in Sportgastein
Gastein Panorama World

Impressive alpine attractions: From viewing platforms to high-altitude hiking trails and suspension bridges – high up in the mountains of Skigastein, the spectacular mountain scenery is the star.

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Stubnerkogel suspension bridge
Stubnerkogel suspension bridge
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Felsenweg trail
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Glocknerblick viewing platform
Glocknerblick viewing platform
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