The Gipfelsieg ski tour in Sportgastein

Two hours of ski touring adventures, a climb of 769 meters, and stunning views of the surrounding mountain peaks await you on the Gipfelsieg (“summit victory”) ski tour in Sportgastein. This scenic route is not only exceptionally well-signposted but also boasts breathtaking 360-degree scenic vistas as a reward for your efforts.

ST 1 Sportgastein Gipfelsieg

  • open from middle station
  • Season: December to April
  • Duration: 2 h
  • Route: 3.3 km
  • Elevation gain: 769 m
  • Difficulty: moderately difficult

Impressions from the scenic ski tour in Sportgastein

The Gipfelsieg route in detail

The starting point of the ski tour is the Goldbergbahn middle station. From the valley, you can easily take the cable car up the mountain and strap on your touring skis at the top.

Begin by walking uphill along the left edge of the S6 piste toward the top station. Good news: Although the tour starts with some steep slopes, you’ll find mostly flat terrain as you approach the mountain station. This provides a welcome respite before tackling the final five-minute ascent to reach the summit cross.

Then comes the highlight: As the mountain sun gently warms your face, you’ll enjoy a breathtaking view of the majestic surrounding 3,000-meter peaks – definitely a sight to behold!

Tickets for the Gipfelsieg ski tour in Sportgastein

With the right ticket, your Gipfelsieg tour becomes a hassle-free experience. It covers essentials like parking, the ride with the Goldbergbahn cable car and access to the well-signposted ascent trail – all included in the ticket price. Pistengeher single ticket, Pistengeher season ticket, or multi-day and season tickets: These options could all serve as your entry ticket to accessing the snow paradise.

Comfortably equipped in Skigastein

Not yet geared up for your upcoming ski tour? No worries! In Skigastein’s ski rental shops, you can get top-quality equipment, specifically selected to meet your individual requirements.

Discover Skigastein’s ski touring routes like a pro

Our information folder is the perfect companion for your ski tours. It provides concise and clear details about routes, safety tips, opening hours, and much more, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your adventures.

Culinary highlights along the Gipfelsieg route in Sportgastein

Following a successful Gipfelsieg ski tour, it’s time to treat yourself to some culinary delights to celebrate your sporting achievements. During the descent, consider stopping at Skirestaurant Weitblick, known for its regional delicacies and inviting sundeck. And when you’re ready to head back to the valley, a visit to Goldbergstube is the perfect way to conclude your ski tour.

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