Safe freeriding thanks to the ATC in Skigastein

Freeriding stands for boundless freedom in pristine, untouched snow – far away from the busy slopes. Yet, amid this excitement, it’s crucial not to overlook the inherent risks of off-piste sports. Alpine accidents and avalanches demand swift but sensible action to save lives and reduce harm. To ensure you’re prepared for emergencies, consider a visit to the Avalanche Training Center (ATC)! That’s where you can receive expert training on the proper use of avalanche transceivers.

Modern avalanche transceiver training area in Sportgastein

At Skigastein’s Avalanche Training Center (ATC), safety is our top priority. The state-of-the-art avalanche transceiver training facility is situated at Sportgastein’s valley floor. At the training grounds, you can improve your know-how and hone your skills at any time, with no fees or prior registration required.

How does it work?

The fully automatic search station on Sportgastein’s valley floor comes with a user-friendly touchscreen. It allows you to configure different accident scenarios and choose from various difficulty levels. There’s also a helpful countdown feature to ensure you don’t exceed the set time limit while locating the transmitters hidden in the training area. After completing the training session, you can instantly access and evaluate your results to continuously improve your skills.

Take your safety into your own hands by visiting the ATC to learn how to effectively use your avalanche transceiver and avalanche probe! It’s as simple as selecting your skill level, entering your name, and starting your personalized training session. Remember: Confidence in freeriding and the ability to respond correctly in emergencies come from consistent practice!

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Your safety guide: the Freeride Info Base

The more thorough your preparations for your freeride adventures, the safer and smoother your experience in the backcountry will be. That’s why the Sportgastein ski area in Skigastein offers a carefully designed Freeride Info Base for freeriders from around the globe, conveniently located at the mountain station of the Goldbergbahn cable car. On site, you can access current updates on avalanche danger levels and snow conditions, along with comprehensive safety advice to ensure your safety and well-being in off-piste terrain.

Shades of Winter by Sandra Lahnsteiner

Women power off-piste: Athlete Sandra Lahnsteiner’s #shadesofwinter camps provide an ideal platform for female freeride enthusiasts to improve their skills. Enhance your technique, gain insights into avalanche safety, and enjoy unforgettable days in the backcountry! What are you waiting for?

Ski routes for freeriding

Longing for golden moments in the pow? The Sportgastein ski area boasts three official freeride routes offering ideal conditions for the ultimate powder adventure – with a cumulative elevation loss of 7,666 meters.