Official freeride routes in Sportgastein

When you’re skiing in deep powder, you’re the captain of your own adventure! So, where will you spend your next powder day? For freeride enthusiasts, the Sportgastein ski area is the perfect playground, easily accessible by ski bus. On site, you’ll encounter ideal conditions for thrilling off-piste action. The highlights: three official freeride routes – Golden Powder, Golden Rush, and Golden Ride. These three atmospheric routes promise unique adventures on untouched powder snow or velvety firn.

Route 1: Golden Powder

With a length of 5,000 meters and starting just below the Goldbergbahn top station, the Golden Powder ski route is the longest of Sportgastein’s three official freeride routes. The medium-difficulty route covers an elevation loss of 664 meters and ends at the starting point of the Golden Rush route. The latter then leads you through fresh powder right down into the valley.

Route 2: Golden Rush

If steep sections bring you bouts of happy thrill and euphoria, then the Golden Rush route is perfect for you! It starts at the conclusion of the Golden Powder route. Advanced freeriders have the option to follow the 2,000-meter route straight down to the valley station of the Goldbergbahn cable car. On this moderately challenging route, you’ll cover an elevation loss of 387 meters.

Route 3: Golden Ride

For freeride enthusiasts looking for a quick thrill or a warm-up, the medium-difficulty Golden Ride route, spanning 666 meters, is an excellent choice. It’s the shortest of the three official freeride routes and starts at the valley station of the Kreuzkogel tow lift. The elevation loss to the endpoint is 176 meters.

General safety information for freeriders

Freeriding embodies the essence of freedom in the mountains. However, freedom comes with responsibility – and ensuring safety is paramount! It’s crucial to understand that the slopes where the three ski routes are located are neither groomed nor secured. When venturing into off-piste terrain, you assume full responsibility for your actions. To safely enjoy your backcountry skiing experience, it’s imperative to have a comprehensive understanding of proper off-piste etiquette and be skilled in using an avalanche transceiver.

The right ticket in your pocket

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Taking the ski bus to your freeride adventure

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