Hiking circuit ticket

Swing from summit to summit

What used to be possible only for skiers in winter is also possible for hikers once a week during the high season in summer. "Swing from peak to peak" and enjoy and visit the attractions on the Stubnerkogel and on the Schlossalm (the hanging bridge, circular hiking walks, ferratas (climbing trails), figures in the rocks,...) all in one day. The lifts (Schlossalmbahn, Kaserebenbahn, Senderbahn and Stubnerkogelbahn) are in operation non-stop from 8.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

(In bad weather the hiking circuit is not in operation!

Adult Gastein Card Online Ticketshop (Kontingent!) Child
Hiking Circuit Ticket € 41,00 € 36,00 € 30,80 € 18,00

ALL tickets are not transferable.
Key-Card deposit € 3,00

Restrictions on age:

  • Adult: from year 2007
  • Child: year 2008 until 2017 (Photo-ID required)
  • Child until year 2018 and younger (Photo-ID required) are free

No liability taken for alterations or mistakes! All prices are in Euro, incl. 10% tax.

No transport of sports equipment.



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