Circular hiking walks for the whole family

Hiking on high-altitude trails not only gets the feet moving: it is gradual unwinding from the daily routine. It is good for the soul and creates space for new things. Whether you decide on casual walks with the whole family or prefer to recharge your batteries all round with a longer tour – the six prepared and well marked circular hiking trails on the Schlossalm fulfil every family hiker’s dream. All the trails have their starting and finishing point at the summit station of the Schlossalmbahn and are between 1,2 km and 6,3 km long and have a difference of altitude of 42 to 251 m, which are easy to walk. The special features of the hiking trails are that they take you to the most beautiful spots on the Schlossalm and end at the same place as they begin. Also discover the mystic rock creatures at Schlossalm, maybe you will find rock figures of an eagle or a mammoth.

1. Short Lake Walk:

  • Length: 1,2 km
  • Difference in altitude: 42 m
  • Total ascent: 70 m
  • Buggy suitable

2. Long Lake Walk:

  • Length: 1,6 km
  • Difference in altitude: 52 m
  • Total ascent: 100 m
  • Buggy suitable

3. Short Activity Walk:

  • Length: 1,6 km
  • Difference in altitude: 64 m
  • Total ascent: 120 m

4. Long Activity Walk:

  • Length: 2,0 km
  • Difference in altitude: 114 m
  • Total ascent: 150 m

5. Long Perimeter Walk: 

  • Length: 4,5 km
  • Difference in altitude: 160 m
  • Total ascent: 270 m

6. Tauernblick circular ridge trail* :

  • Length: 6,3 km
  • Difference in altitude: 251 m
  • Total ascent: 293 m

*Alpine Climbing Trail – for skilled hikers only (firm footwear required)


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