8 climbing routs for experienced climbers and beginners

Climbing for young and old as well as for experienced mountaineers and beginners! In Bad Hofgastein there are now 8 climbing routs (via ferratas) of all levels of difficulty. Furthermore, climbers can really let off steam in the bouldering garden or the climbing wall. On the sure-footedness course you can improve your foot technique and on the nature trail you can learn important tips for mastering a climbing route.

The entire climbing offer is located near the Kleine Scharte mountain restaurant at the Schlossalm mountain station.

climbing routs

The Schlossalm offers numerous opportunities to combine mountain hiking and climbing. Climbing enthusiasts can experience 8 climbing routs and a practice route to their hearts´content. The climbing routs are arranged one after the other. Therefore, you can reach the Schlossalm mountain station again via hiking trails in between.

Via ferrata Level Vertical Height Length Approach Climbing Time Descent
Übungsklettersteig A/B/E 30 m 40 m 15 Min 20 Min 15 Min
Kleine Scharte B/C 95 m 135 m 10 Min 20-30 Min 15 Min
Hirschinger B/C bis D/E 125 m 300 m 15 Min 60 Min 15 Min
Weitmoser B/C 150 m 330 m 20 Min 60 Min 20 Min
Mauskarspitze B/C 130 m 250 m 45 Min 50 Min 45 Min
Laabkopf C/D 30 m 120 m 15 Min 25 Min 15 Min
Hochalmblick D/E 200 m 400 m 30 Min 90 Min 30 Min
Tauernblick C/D 150m 320 m 15 Min 50 Min 15 Minuten

Detailed information on the individual climbing routs, such as access or climbing times, etc., can be found below in the "topo" as a download.

Opening hours

The opening times of the climbing routs depend on the operating hours of the Schlossalmbahn.


Sure-footed course

On the sure-footed course, climbing skills can be tested on a very short route before you dare to tackle a real climbing route. In the surefootedness course, the procedure and securing in a climbing route is practiced. You can opt out at any time.

Boulder garden

To find individual holds and footholds in the natural rock, the bouldering garden is worth a visit. It is located below the Schlossalmblick viewing platform and consists of different sized boulders. The use of the bouldering garden does not require any classic climbing equipment and can be climbed by anyone.


Climbing wall

Hanging on a rope between rock and breathtaking surroundings, you are climbing up one of the seven different routes. The almost 8-meter-high wall is an experience, since the enthusiasm after climbing the rock face is enormous. Of the seven fixed climbing routes, five are "top ropes", i.e. equipped with a fixed rope.


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