Rock trail

The rock trail Stubnerkogel is designed as a walking loop starting and finishing close to the mountain terminal of the Stubnerkogel lift. It begins around 400 meters south of the lift station at 2,217 meters above sea level. The trail leads through a series of areas of steepish, craggy rocks to a striking lookout point at roughly the same elevation. From there a short hiking path completes the circuit back to the Stubnerkogel.

This constructed Rock Trail is around 100 meters in length, partially a steel-construction walkway with a metal grated floor, hung directly from the rock. Smaller sections are anchored back by means of a wooden, injection-bolted supporting wall which has been back-hung. The remainder of the path features earthworks construction. The mesh fencing does not obstruct the view, creating an overall “lightness” to the structure. Finally there is a 16 meters-long suspension bridge, which leads visitors to a natural plateau. A scenic attraction has been created there very much in the same form as the “Glocknerblick”. The materials are substantially confined to steel and wood, with the supporting structure made of steel and the walking surface of wood.

Please check if the Rock Trail is open. 

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