Suspension bridge


Bad Gastein

Whoever visits the restaurant at the summit station of the Stubnerkogel lift and then steps onto the hanging bridge just a few metres away will get a real thrill: the 140 m long and just one metre wide bridge was built as a swinging rope construction and leads directly from the terrace of the mountain restaurant to the sender station. A head for heights and strong nerves are needed for the crossing since the hanging bridge is transparent, too. Only a wire mesh guard rail separates adventurous skywalkers from the 28 m drop.

“With its support and wind cables to limit vibration the bridge can withstand wind speeds of up to 200 km/h”, Franz Schafflinger, manager of the lift operator, puts our minds at rest. His idea to build a suspended bridge here came from seeing visitors who always “stared across the cliffs in awe“. “At first I was only joking”, Schafflinger continues, “when I said we would span a hanging bridge across!”
A ride with the Stubnerkogel lift to the summit is really worthwhile, and after reaching the other side of the bridge, hikers and walkers can relax on a wonderful circular trail on the ridge of the Stubnerkogel and enjoy splendid views into the Hohe Tauern range.


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