Weather in Gastein

Current data & forecasts

Inform yourself about the current weather situation of Skigastein, including a 2-day-forecast. Therefore, you can easily plan your activities during your summer or winter holidays. Take a look at our webcams in order to already get first nice impressions of the region.

Today, 13.12.2017

After the sunny spell from Wednesday, the weather will deteriorate again Wednesday night as humid air from the Atlantic will move in. The weather will thus be overcast all day with frequent showers.

Summit -3°C 120cm
Middle -1°C 65cm
Valley 1°C 25cm


The influence of this area of low pressure on our weather will remain the same during the next few days. The weather will stay unstable.

Thursday, 14.12.2017

Summit -3°C
Valley 1°C

Friday, 15.12.2017

Summit -3°C
Valley 1°C
Source: Auf Wind

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