Weather in Gastein

Current data & forecasts

Inform yourself about the current weather situation of Skigastein, including a 2-day-forecast. Therefore, you can easily plan your activities during your summer or winter holidays. Take a look at our webcams in order to already get first nice impressions of the region.

Today, 22.08.2017

Forecasters particularly like their job when it comes to forecasting the influences a strong area of high pressure has on our weather: It will remain dry and mostly sunny with very little cloud. It will be quite warm.

Summit 12°C
Middle 17°C
Valley 18°C


The high pressure area that brightened up our lives on Tuesday will persist allowing bright weather for the time being!

Wednesday, 23.08.2017

Summit 16°C
Valley 22°C

Thursday, 24.08.2017

Summit 18°C
Valley 24°C
Source: Auf Wind

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