Weather in Gastein

Current data & forecasts

Inform yourself about the current weather situation of Skigastein, including a 2-day-forecast. Therefore, you can easily plan your activities during your summer or winter holidays. Take a look at our webcams in order to already get first nice impressions of the region.

Today, 25.06.2017

High pressure is continuing to build across the region, but before the sun can do its work it has to chase away the last clouds. Brighter weather will break through before midday.

Summit 16°C
Middle 21°C
Valley 23°C


Tuesday will be bright and very warm. With the air becoming muggier on Wednesday, thunderstorms will break out in the evening.

Monday, 26.06.2017

Summit 16°C
Valley 23°C

Tuesday, 27.06.2017

Summit 18°C
Valley 24°C
Source: Auf Wind

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