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Parking lot / parking garage

Find out where and how many parking spaces are available for people with disabilities

There is a large parking garage at the new valley station of the Schlossalm cable car. There are some parking spaces for people with disabilities on each level. You will also find a parking space for people with disabilities with an electric charging station on each level.

There is a designated barrier-free parking space at the valley station of the Stubnerkogel cable car.


Quality Summer Award

Find out more about this award

In recent years, the quality checks conducted as part of the International Ski Area Test have become a key benchmark when it comes to safety, quality, guest service and innovative ideas in lift operations within the Alpine region. More information about this award can be found here.



Find out where and why ramps are available

At the valley station of the Stubnerkogel cable car, there is a ramp at the entrance to the cable car building, which enables barrier-free access to the starting point of the cable cars.


Rental of wheelchairs

Find out where you can rent wheelchairs in Gastein

If you want to rent a wheelchair for your stay in the Gastein Valley, you can do so at the senior residence in Bad Hofgastein. Beside wheelchairs, you can also rent walkers or crutches. Please contact the senior residence directly under: or +43 6432 6491. Here you can find details and the price list for guests.



Find restaurants for people with disabilities on the mountains

The summit restaurant on the Stubnerkogel is located directly at the mountain station of the Stubnerkogel cable car and is definitely worth stopping in. The summit restaurant is barrier-free and, depending on the weather, you can take a seat on the terrace or in the restaurant.