Skiline Videos, Photos & Altitude query

How many vertical metres have I skied? How is my action video? Am I smiling at the photopoint?


You want to capture your personal skiing experience with family and friends in fantastic mountainous surroundings directly on the 140m long suspension bridge on the Stubnerkogel? Use your ski pass as a release for the Fotopoint. 1…2…3… Cheese! You can always access your photos on, in the Skiline App or on a terminal in the ski resort using your ski pass. Share your skiing experience with your friends!

This is how it works:

1. Scan your ski pass
2. Get into position & wait for the flash
3. Get your photo on with your ski pass number


Skimovie allows you to participate in a unique race which is even being filmed. The cameras follow you across the entire race track H4 Haitzingalm/Schlossalm - from start to finish - and thus deliver a professional video of your personal racing experience. You can easily get your Skimovie on or in the Skiline app using your ski pass number.

This is how it works:

1. Scan ski pass and start your run
2. Cameras record your run
3. Get your video on with your ski pass number



Skiline enables you to access your covered vertical meters, number of lift rides and kilometers of slopes during your ski day in the Skiline altitude diagram. Get your personal Skiline on or in the Skiline app. You can also print your Skiline on one of the Skiline terminals at the Stubnerkogel valley station, ski center Angertal or Schlossalmbahn valley station.

This is how it works:

1. Register on
2. Choose a ski area & enter your ski pass number
3. Get your Skiline vertical meters, lift rides, kilometers of slopes and more


Note: Write down your ski pass number or take a picture of the front of your ski pass before returning it after your ski day.


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