Sledging in Gastein

Fun for the whole family

Sledging Aeroplan, Bad Hofgastein

Sledging in Gastein is far less laid-back than it tends to be elsewhere. Correct cornering techniques and shifting your weight are a must if you intend to catch up with your kids! 

Facts about the Aeroplan toboggan run

Length 3.300 m
Opening times During the operating times of the Schlossalmbahn and when snow conditions are suitable. Last ascent: 03.00 pm
Accessibility Use the Schlossalmbahn to the middlestation and take a walk to the Aeroplanstadl
Prices Adults:    € 9,00 (excl. sledge hire)
Children: € 4,50 (excl. sledge hire)

Night tobogganing "Aeroplan" 

As long as the lockdown continues, there will be NO evening ascent for night tobogganing on the Aeroplan toboggan run
Accessibility Use the Schlossalmbahn to the middlestation and take a walk to the Aeroplanstadl
Times & Prices

Due to the lock down there is currently no night tobogganing possible!

Ascent with the Schlossalmbahn to the middle station from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm (last ascent at 7:30 pm)

Adults:      € 9.00 (excl. sledge hire)
Children:   € 4.50 (excl. sledge hire)

Children under 6 years are free

Ascent with valid ski pass is not possible in the evening (only during the day)


Sledging Bellevue, Bad Gastein

This is great fun for all ages. After the ascent to the Bellevue Alm with the private lift, it's off you go down the well-maintained toboggan run; down long straight stretches, round tight bends and through snowy woodland.

The run is kept in an excellent condition. The private chair lift takes you to the top of the run. Tobogganing with a group of people is real fun, especially on the floodlit run when night has fallen.

For those who can't get enough of the fun or who require a drop of Dutch courage and warming-up, the Bellevue Alm has an open fire and delicious mulled wine.

Facts about the Bellevue toboggan run

Length 2.500 m
Opening times Due to the Covid-19 Emergency Measures Ordinance, all gastronomy facilities are currently closed until the end of February. As soon as the Bellevue Alm is allowed to reopen, the Bellevue toboggan run will also open.
Accessibility Ascent to the Bellevue Alm by using the private lift
Prices Adults: € 6,50
Children (7-14 years): € 4,50
Children up to 6 years for free
Block of 10: € 60,00



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