Snow for skiing in winter with beautiful weather

winter Hiking in Gastein

Hike on the mountain and enjoy the snow-covered mountain panorama 

Enjoy the wonderful snow-covered mountain panorama while exploring the two winter hiking trails on Schlossalm. 

Winter Hiking Trail "Genussrunde"

This circular hiking trail is perfect for giving your feet a bit of a workout while enjoying the wonderful snowy winter landscape. The easy and rather flat route is located in the right area when you leave the mountain station Schlossalmbahn. The highlight of the circular hiking trail is the photo point with an impressive view to the peak Hirschkarspitze.

Winter Hiking Trail - Genuss-Runde
Start - Finish: Mountain station Schlossalmbahn
Duration: 1/2 hours
Length: 800 meters
Meters of altitude: 30


Winter Hiking Trail "Panoramaweg Schlossalmblick"

Panorama trail Schlossalmblick. This beautiful panoramic path takes you to the new viewing platform Schlossalmblick and further to the Hofgasteiner Haus. The winter hiking trail starts to the left of the mountain station Schlossalmbahn and passes the mountain restaurant “Kleine Scharte”. Due to the great view, this path is ideally suitable for panorama lovers.

Winter Hiking Trail - Panoramaweg Schlossalmblick
Start - Finish: Mountain station Schlossalmbahn
Duration: 1 1/2 hours
Length: 2.200 meters
Meters of altitude: 145 


Rules für Winterwanderer:

Only use the marked winter hiking trail and give priority to skiers when crossing a slope
Never cross the piste in areas where visibility is restricted   
The winter hiking trails are closed if the Schlossalmbahn is not operating
Pay close attention to potential alpine hazards
Be considerate of wildlife and young trees   


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