Gasti Snowparks in Skigastein

Skiing on two “boards” across impeccably groomed slopes, effortlessly executing graceful turns as if it were second nature: Mastering the correct technique is a breeze, especially with the help of our three Gasti Snowparks located in the family-friendly Schlossalm-Angertal-Stubnerkogel ski area. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, your little ones will swiftly gain the confidence to conquer even the larger slopes

3 practice areas for motivated beginners

Boasting perfectly groomed slopes and a total of three Gasti Snowparks, the Schlossalm-Angertal-Stubnerkogel ski area stands out as an exceptionally family-friendly destination. The largest park is situated at the Angertal ski center, while young snow enthusiasts can hone their skills in the practice area at the Stubnerkogelbahn valley station. Additionally, there’s another Gasti Snowpark at the valley station in the Dorfgastein – Großarltal ski area.

Impressions from the large beginner’s park in the Angertal ski centre

Das Skizentrum Angertal
Das Skizentrum Angertal im Winter aus der Vogelperspektive

What makes the Gasti Snowpark stand out?

How can beginners transform into budding snow sports pros at the Gasti Snowpark? With the help of a range of training features designed to guide children playfully towards mastering the perfect ski turn! After conquering the slope, it’s back to the beginning with the conveyor belts.

Of course, the little ones also receive enthusiastic cheers of encouragement from proud parents and the jolly mascot, “Gasti.”

Need some support? Our instructors are here for you!

Of course, practicing together in the snow is a wonderful experience – but expert guidance can be the key to improving your skills fast. The ski schools in Skigastein possess the expertise to teach the perfect turn in an engaging and playful manner.

More winter sports action in Skigastein

Are you ready for an exciting winter season in Skigastein? Filled with thrilling activities and adventures on family-friendly slopes? And after you’ve reached the top station of the Stubnerkogelbahn cable car, it’s time to warm up and enjoy some indoor fun at the Fun Center.

Everything you need for a perfect ski day

The slopes are calling! But before you immerse yourself in the world of winter sports, there are a few essential things to consider. From purchasing tickets to planning your journey to Skigastein: You have all the key information right here at your fingertips!

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Ski rental & service
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