Ski & Hotel Management School

Learning content

During this six-year program, the focus is on the individual development of students. They deepen their theoretical know-how and practical expertise in the world of competitive skiing. Regular multi-day training units are an integral part of the curriculum. In a compact form, students are introduced to the fundamentals of business and tourism. General studies, tourism, business and marketing are all a part of the curriculum, as are two foreign languages, communication and legal studies. Experienced instructors teach current knowledge and skills. Lessons with real-world applications, put into practice within the school environment, project work and excursions provide an energizing change of pace.

Notebook Classes – always on the ball

In January and February, the program is almost exclusively dedicated to the sport of skiing. The school’s own coaches are responsible for developing training units that are custom-tailored to all students. Classroom lessons are in the form of notebook instruction, which means that students are able to stay in close contact with the school even during periods of intensive coaching and competition, allowing them to keep in constant touch with school goings-on as well as all study content.

Phases of the school year

Phase 1 from September to Christmas (14 weeks)

1st Semester (mid-September to 2nd week in February)

  • 30 days of snow training on the glacier (5 - 8 hrs. daily)
  • 4 days/week conditioning (daily 3 - 4 hrs.)
  • followed by sports and equipment theory, training analysis
  • 13 Thursdays or Fridays all-day practical instruction (blocked)
  • 28/32 days (Mon - Thu) regular classroom instruction (theoretical subjects)
  • Saturdays free or make-up lessons
  • Christmas holidays in accordance with the national school calendar     

Phase 2 from 7 January until the end of the 1st week in March   

  • Snow training and conditioning takes place midday Monday until midday Friday 
  • Students may be released as needed to participate in races   
  • Semester break in accordance with the national school calendar   

Phase 3 from the 2nd week of March until the end of the school year

  • Every week Monday to Friday regular classroom instruction (theory and practice – practical instruction also includes hotel experience)
  • Conditioning 10 hrs. weekly
  • Three Wednesdays in March: morning snow training   


Possibilities after high-school graduation  

If a career in skiing doesn’t work out, our graduates have job opportunities available to them in a variety of different fields. After taking their high-school diploma examinations, not only are they in a position to run a business professionally, they are also aware of tourism trends and can successfully implement innovative concepts.

Furthermore, if they graduate successfully they will qualify for admission to technical colleges and universities, and be employable as professionals in all aspects of the tourism and recreation economy, since they possess comparable qualifications to certified hotel and hospitality assistants, restaurant specialists, chefs and cooks, travel agency assistants, office administrators and restaurant professionals. In addition, they benefit from a strong alumni association and a valuable network of contacts.

Ski and Hotelmanagement school

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