Ski Middle School Bad Gastein

the ideal educational institution for talented young skiers

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The Bad Gastein Ski Middle School in the Austrian state of Salzburg guarantees students with a talent in alpine sports the best-possible combination of scholastic and skiing-related instruction.

"Aside from providing intensive training opportunities, formal schooling is never neglected", states school director Josef Wutscher.

At the Ski Middle School, just as in the regular public middle schools, all academic subjects are taught. A curriculum specially developed for ski middle schools in Austria offers, in addition to the standard middle-school education, an expanded program of sports instruction of as much as 15 hours a week.

The instructional schedule is tailored to intensive training periods during autumn, winter and springtime. School papers, quizzes and tests are timed to fit in with the training and competition commitments of team members of the Salzburg State Ski Association.

During daily study sessions with the school’s teachers, students have the opportunity to catch up on classwork they may have missed, do homework and prepare for upcoming lessons.

This targeted educational support helps students of the Bad Gastein Ski Middle School to earn their middle-school diploma and gain admission to higher-level secondary schools.

Ski Middle School

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