Spiegelsee wellness oasis

Relaxation at Fulseck


Around the idyllic lake on the southern side of the Fulseck “Adventure Mountain”, you can experience the sense of contentment that being in the mountains brings.

The Fulseck, an ideal destination for families, is the setting for a very special mountainous adventure: here, you can get the mountain under your feet and enjoy nature at its most sensitive. From Fulseck summit station (2033 m), you can walk down the new easy family trail to the so-called Barefoot Trail around the Spiegelsee (1860 m) where you can take your time and enjoy the walk as well as well as have a few breaks. The various surfaces massage the foot reflex zones and invigorate your senses. Little oases of calm and special seating elements ensure that there are plenty of places for relaxation.

Experience and enjoy barefoot walking. Our feet are imprisoned in shoes all day long. Going barefoot strengthens the muscles and prevents joint problems and even foot deformities.

Fresh air, cold water, gymnastic exercises - all this promotes the circulation and increases strength. After you’ve enjoyed some relaxation, you can visit the Wengeralm alpine tavern below the Spiegelsee lake which is open daily.

Due to important maintenance work, the Spiegelsee won't be filled with water during the summer season 2019.



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