Motor skills path


Bad Hofgastein

The family & adventure mountain Schlossalm has a lot to offer. Various circular hiking trails around the Schlossalmsee, 7 different via ferratas in all levels of difficulty, mystical rock creatures, children's playground & slackline park and the "Schlossalmblick" viewing platform.

The motor Skill path opens this summer on June 29th 2022 and is located near the Schlossalm summit station.  

28 stations for coordination, balance and dexterity

The newly created motor skills path with a total of 28 stations starts in a few minutes from the Schlossalmbahn mountain station. Even the first few stations create a challenge and demand a sense of balance. The motor skills path leads from the Schlossalmbahn mountain station to the viewing platform "Schlossalmblick". So after the balance training you can relax and unwind with the fantastic view. And if you look down into the abyss, you will discover one or the other climber, because one of the 7 via ferrata leads past under the platform. There is now a new panorama platform to discover on the Schlossalm. The platform offers visitors a great view of the entire Schlossalm area.

Overview of the stations:

1. Slalom bridge

8. Strap web

15. Letters transition "Gastein"

2. Ski simulator

9. Climbing trunk

16. Seesaw Schlossalm

3. Hanging plates

10. Chain bridge

17. Bouncy plate stairs

4. Circle-plate transition

11. Wobble bar

18. Labyrinth wobble plate

5. Double bar

12. Balancing blocks

19. 5-corner bar

6. Camel ride

13. Flying wood

20. Swing

7. Tightrope walk

14. Rotating beam


Please note the rules of use below.


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Rules of use for elements of the motor skills path:
  • Exercise instructions and safety instructions are to be observed
  • Before using it, you must be certain of your own medical safety
  • Avoid overloading the individual devices (see maximum number of people according to safety instructions)
  • The devices and systems must not be used in wet conditions, ice, snow, frost, dew and thunderstorms due to the risk of slipping and injury
  • The use of the elements of the motor skills path is at your own risk
  • The operator assumes no liability for accidents of any kind
  • Children under 140 cm tall may only use the devices under supervision
  • Parents are responsible for their children
  • Damaged devices must not be used Damaged devices must be reported to the operator immediately (Tel .: +43 6432 6455)