Author Gasteiner Bergbahnen
Date 20. April 2017

Construction activities 2017

Generationen project Schlossalm NEW

The generational project known as “Schlossalm NEW” foresees construction of a mono-cable gondola lift (with cabins for 10 passengers each) in two sections running up to the Schlossalm. The new multifunction valley terminal – which will be relocated to the far side of the main road – provides for a stress-fee gateway to the ski area. Having to transfer lifts on the journey up will no longer be necessary in future. The passenger capacity will double, from 1400 to 3,000 people per hour. The new mountain station is located somewhat higher, so that it is situated at an ideal distribution point, with skiing guests able to choose from three options for their downhill run (Schlossalm, Kleine Scharte and Haitzingalm), each dropping more than 1200 vertical meters.

The new structure will replace the funicular, while the Haitzingalm double chairlift and the permanently jammed Kleine Scharte quad chairlift are to be demolished. The Sendleiten detachable quad chairlift will likewise be removed and, within the framework of the project – using the exact same line used by the current lift – replaced by a detachable eight-seater chairlift with a capacity of around 4,000 people per hour.

In total, a 20-hectare area of pistes in the Schlossalm ski area will be remodeled. To facilitate manmade snowmaking of the new as well as existing pistes, a reservoir will be built capable of storing 150,000 cubic meters of water.

Total investment volume for the period from 2016 – 2020 amounts to 84.8 million euro. 21.3 million euro will be financed from cashflow, 48 million through leasing and credit from banks, and 15 million through equity loans from shareholders.


Construction Activity in 2017

Detailed planning is currently underway. A major portion of the contracts for the project have already been awarded. The most intensive construction period will be during the summer months of 2017 and 2018. The new Schlossalmbahn will go into operation in December 2018. This year will also see minimal restrictions in summer operations of the Schlossalm: It will not be possible to offer guided scooter and mountain-cart tours this year, since the course runs right through the construction zone.

Immediately after the snow thaws, the major earthmoving work in the area between the line of the Haitzingalm double chairlift and the funicular will get underway. Areas affected will include the reservoir – the Brandbichl piste site (Sendleiten section) and an avalanche-protection dam, with material being relocated between the individual building sites as necessary.

Reservoir, dam and Brandbichl


Station Buildings for the Schlossalmbahn

  • Foundation work on the building for the valley station including parking deck (ca. 360 piles) with concrete ground slab, which can be used as a parking area in winter
  • Demolition of Gasthof Kitzstein – construction of a storage station for rolling stock and bare-brick construction of the station building
  • Leveling on the hilltop – foundation – foundation slab

Foundation of the red area

The existing building "Kitzstein" is being torn down


Construction Work along the Line of the Gondola Lift

  • Relocation of a mast for the ÖBB’s 110kV power lines in the area of the car park for the Schlossalmbahn
  • Build a structure for the gondola to over-pass the ÖBB Tauernbahn rail line, as well as install the foundation for the No. 3 pylon. To do so, it will be necessary to exploit the weekend closures of railway service during spring and autumn 2017. Erection of the steel structure will occur during spring closure of the Tauernbahn railway line in 2018
  • Relocation of a mast for the Salzburg AG’s 110kV power lines (below the Waldhof)
  • Put in the foundations and erect the pylons for the 2nd stage of the lift – with a special challenge posed by the ridge between the Hirschinger summit cross and the existing third pylon of the lift.

The marked masts will be moved


Foundation and construction at the Hirschinger area for the new pillars


Snowmaking Facilities

  • Water catchment of the Schlossbach
  • Aeroplan II pumping station
  • Field pipelines – with individual sections given priority to enable use in winter season 2017/18 even without the reservoir in place