Author Gasteiner Bergbahnen AG
Date 21. January 2019

Opening Schlossalmbahn NEW

Opening Schlossalmbahn NEW

Schlossalmbahn NEW

The construction took only about two years, but generations will benefit from the new Schlossalmbahn in Bad Hofgastein. By 2020, approx. 85 million euros will be used to modernize the cable car and the ski area. Since December 1, 2018, the new Schlossalm cablecar is in operation and  allows guests to get from the base station to the mountain station in once. Up to 3,000 passengers per hour can be carried with the new 10-passenger cabins of the single-pulley railway - a doubling of capacity. In the truest sense of the word: "nonstop to the top". Skiing guests have the opportunity to choose between three downhill options (Schlossalm, Kleine Scharte or Haitzingalm), each with a height difference of around 1,200 meters. New slopes and the new construction of the Schlossalmbahn have significantly increased comfort, safety and capacity. The output was doubled to 3,000 people per hour. At a travel speed of 6 meters per second, the mountain station can be reached in less than 10 minutes. The slopes in the ski area Schlossalm will be expanded by a total of around 200,000 m2. In a first step, there is a new ski run to the middle station. A storage pond with 150,000 cubic meters of water capacity was built for the snowmaking of new and existing piste areas. A very efficient snowmaking system from the mountain to the valley allows a very short cutting time. The visitors in Gastein are offered 1,000 meters of slope pleasure after just one ride up the mountain. With the Schlossalmbahn, skiers can also enjoy one of the longest downhill runs in the Eastern Alps: from the mountain station at 2,066 meters, it's all the way to the base station at 850 meters - a feeling as if skiing never ends.

Modern architecture

The Saalfelden architectural firm "Innerhofer oder Innerhofer" emerged victorious from a loaded architectural competition for the valley station. They designed the multifunctional base station building with a built-in parking deck and also put together a common bracket over the intermediate and top station of the Schlossalmbahn. Glass surfaces in the area of ​​the gondola station provide an insight into the technology. Further components of the new station are a sports shop, ski rental and ski depot, a restaurant and a ski school. A separation of pedestrians and traffic flow is considered as well as a direct connection to public transport with the newly created bus terminal. A total of around 260 parking spaces are available in the three-storey parking deck and around 640 outdoor parking spaces. A solar large-scale system on the roof surface of the parking deck ensures environmentally friendly energy generation, which is to cover around 90 percent of the heat energy requirement for hot water and heating in the base station building. In addition to the business premises for the new sports shop, there is also a modern ski depot, where about 240 square meters of storage space for 500 people are available. This eliminates the need to tow ski equipment and shoes. They "spend the night" in the station. The guest has the choice between a self-service depot and a serviced depot. The valley station building also houses the office of the Bad Hofgastein Ski School, which is one of the largest ski schools in the state of Salzburg with 50 regular ski instructors and around 120 employees during the high season. Selected coffees of a small Salzburg roasting house, refined dishes, Trumer beer and exceptional Austrian red and white wines are offered on the first floor. "The Weitmoserin" is the name of the new Bar & Bistronomy, with every Tuesday and Thursday live aprés ski music.

Funding via crowdfunding


The new built Schlossalmbahn was co-financed by the inhabitants themselves: via crowdfunding, around 800 interested citizens took part in financing the project. Various investment models were possible - with correspondingly interesting returns. The "Skisparer" contributed almost 3.5 million euros. This is more than other Austrian crowdfunding projects could reach, such as the new stadium of the football clubs SK Rapid Wien and FK Austria Wien.

Opening Ceremony:

Sound & Snow Gastein Andrea Berg, The Fantastic Four and DJ Martin Garrix

Although the new Schlossalmbahn, was already operational on December 1, 2018, the official opening ceremony took place in January 2019 - with a real star line-up: On Friday, January 18, "Sound & Snow Gastein" started the festival with Schlager queen Andrea Berg at the festival area (valley station of the Schlossalmbahn). The 50-meter-wide stage was developed by the Austrian organizer Leutgeb Entertainment Group and is based on the turrets and red and white shutters on the façade of the Weitmoser Schlössel in Bad Hofgastein. On Saturday, January 19th, the German hip-hop band "Die Fantastischen Vier" rocked the stage and on Sunday, January 20th, the number one DJ of the world Martin Garrix was on the turntables. Spectacular laser shows and unique stage performances guaranteed an unforgettable concert experience for the audience.