Modern Architecture On the mountain 

Schlossalm NEW - Architecture from "Innerhofer und Innerhofer" 

Optical highlight in the valley as well as on the mountain

Future visitors to the foot of the Schlossalm will be greeted by contemporary architecture. The valley station is a visual highlight. Going into the valley the new multifunctional building will be seen to the left of the Gasteiner Bundestrasse (main road). A principle of short routes operates here to ensure stress-free access to the ski region for all – whether arriving by car or by public transport or after a descent from the mountain.

The new entrance area will cater for all dispersal, leisure and provisioning requirements. The project from architects “Innerhofer oder Innerhofer” impressed the jury who loved its well-designed functionality and visual extravagance. The building materials will be exposed concrete and aluminium composite panels (Alucobond). All the facades will be broken up by areas of glazing that are transparent. The colour – orange accents – is to be life-enhancing and positive. “Ultimately winter sports should be fun”, say the planners. The flow of visitors within the valley station building will be dispersed via a central covered inner courtyard. The platform level will be reached by escalator from the bus station and parking block. Skiers coming from the mountain will go directly from the ski slope via the Bundesstrasse/main street overpass onto the mezzanine floor of the valley station and by escalator to the turnstile. They can thus proceed straight to the cable car and make their way immediately back to the top.

Up-to-date and multifunctional station buildings 

The valley station cable-car stop on the road side offers a view of the technical installations. People interested in technology will be able to glance in at the inner workings of the circulating mono-cable aerial ropeway before making their way to the midway or top station. In the southern part of the valley. In many areas within the project consideration is given to securing sustainable use of resources. Dismantling some ski slopes and lift installations will mean safeguarding more refuges for wild animals. These freed-up spaces may also be used for special ecological projects. In planning the new reservoir in close cooperation with the environmental authority care has been taken to ensure that small pond areas are created at the edge of the new mountain lake to act as biotopes for animals and plants. Bergbahnen director, Wolfgang Egger, is delighted: station building is the new parking block. Other fixed points are a sports shop, restaurant, ski hire and ski depot, the ski school and cabins station with logistics and storage areas. The two-storey midway station building of the Schlossalm lift is in the Kitzsteinalm area. Apart from the lift concourse and cabin station, the midway station also comprises a workshop and transformer room, an office, staffroom, equipment area, bathrooms, logistics and storage rooms.

What our ski guests expect in the next few years: An approx. 55-metre long walkway constructed of glass and steel will link the (likewise two-storied) top station in the Kleine Scharte area to the restaurant in the top-station of the proposed aerial cableway. 

New transport solutions

The new bus station is already located very close to the valley station building. Private coach-travel organisers will in future be able to let their passengers off directly in front of the valley station (Kiss and Ride). The existing car park will be redesigned. In the past there were about 900 parking spaces. This number will remain unchanged as the parking spaces eliminated by the new valley- station building will be compensated for by the parking deck. Access for train travellers is ideal in Bad Gastein where the station is just a few steps away from the Stubnerkogelbahn valley station. Winter sports visitors coming from Bad Gastein can access the Schlossalm area very easily via the descents into the Angertal.


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