For our Gastein mountains

In Gastein, there is an extraordinary mountain landscape. As Gasteiner Bergbahnen AG, we are aware of our ecological and economic responsibility for the mountain world in order to enable our guests to have a sustainable mountain experience for generations to come.


We obtain our energy exclusively from renewable sources and produce some of it ourselves with solar systems. The power consumption of our company is designed to be efficient in the long term. In our snowmaking strategy, we have been using methods that are as gentle and efficient as possible for years, including snow depth measurements and snow fences. In summer, too, we actively engage in soil activation and forest care in close cooperation with our local partners in agriculture and tourism. Enabling our guests to travel in a climate-friendly manner is particularly important to us.

Renewable energy

  • The electricity we use is 100% certified green electricity (generated with renewable energies such as mostly hydroelectric power) and is mainly obtained from Salzburg AG and the electro plant Bad Hofgastein.
  • We produce electricity ourselves with photovoltaics. We have installed a large-scale solar system on the roof of the parking deck of the Schlossalm valley station, which, in combination with a heat pump and a ground storage tank, supplies almost the entire heating and hot water requirements of the station.
  • We also generate solar energy by the use of our own roof areas, for example (approx. 12.35 kWp) on the roof of the "Weitmoserin" (Schlossalmbahn valley station) and at the Schlossalmbahn middle station (approx. 80 kWp). Approx. 58.5 kWp are produced on the roof of the Stubnerkogelbahn valley station.
  • In order to further increase the proportion of photovoltaics, two projects are currently being planned.
  • An additional system with a total output of 320kWp is to be built at the valley station of the Schlossalmbahn. Potential areas for a PV system are also being evaluated in the area of the Schlossalmbahn mountain station.
  • A large-scale solar system with ground-activated heat storage was built at the Schlossalm valley station.
  • Another important building block is the targeted load control on the lifts and during snowmaking. This allows electricity to be used more efficiently and energy losses to be minimised. In Sportgastein, for example, this works through heat recovery.
  • An energy evaluation is a matter of course for us, so energy-saving measures such as replacing heaters and lighting fixtures are carried out regularly.

Climate-friendly initiatives

Snowmaking strategy

  • By erecting snow fences, we prevent the snow from being blown by the wind. As a result, less snowmaking is necessary. This in turn reduces water and electricity consumption throughout the winter. The natural snow stays longer on the slopes.
  • With the help of the GPS snow depth measurements, it can be determined exactly how many m³ of snow there are on the slope and how much new snow needs to be made for a perfect slope. In this way, we produce snow without losses and save water. With the height measurement, the enjoyment of the slopes and ecology are combined in snowmaking.
  • Approx. 80% of our storage ponds are filled with melt water.

For freeriders and ski tourers, we recommend routes that protect nature and wildlife. We inform our visitors on site about the nature reserves in Gastein.

Forest & meadows

In the areas on the mountain that belong to us, we actively strive for forest care, afforestation (high-altitude afforestation) and soil activation. Thanks to extensive management and maintenance of the slopes owned by the Gasteiner Bergbahnen, our slopes (275.6 hectares in total) are in particularly good condition. The Environment Advocacy of Salzburg even certifies that the slopes are in exemplary condition.

Often unnoticed by hikers, there are countless designated biotopes on the slopes.

We are in constant contact with our regional partners and work together with Gasteiner Tourismus GmbH on sustainable development of the Gastein Valley.




Solar Park Schlossalm

The planned solar park at the Schlossalm valley station represents a milestone in the efforts to achieve energy independence. Around 170 tons of CO2 emissions are to be saved per year by the new project.
The architectural firm Innerhofer or Innerhofer designed 65 "solar trees" of different sizes and orientations to create a visually appealing and varied overall picture.

All of the modules are installed at an angle so that snow can slide off and electricity can also be produced in winter.In a simulation, the total of 800 panels delivered an annual yield of 364,500 kilowatt hours. With this amount of electricity, the Schlossalm lifts could be operated throughout the winter without a feeder.

The solar park does not cost a single parking space and no additional area is built.

Climate-friendly arrival

The environmentally friendly journey to the Stubnerkogel is ideal by train (ÖBB), because in Bad Gastein, the train station is right next to the valley station of the Stubnerkogelbahn. Day trippers enjoy a pleasant and ecological journey from start up to the mountain and back. In winter, we offer the ÖBB combined ticket, where the ski pass and the train ticket are inexpensive and climate-friendly at the same time.

We enable our winter sports enthusiasts to use public transport free of charge with the ski pass in the Gastein Valley. This also includes the ski bus and the city bus directly in the towns of Gastein.

At the valley station Schlossalm, the valley station Sportgastein, and in Angertal, there are e-charging stations for a climate-friendly journey by electric car.

For e-bike enthusiasts, there are 3 charging stations at the Stubnerkogelbahn valley and mountain stations.


Car sharing project launch

Gasteiner Bergbahnen goes E-Mobility

In partnership with BÄM Mobility GmbH, the Gasteiner Bergbahnen are creating an electric car sharing location at the valley station of the Schlossalmbahn.

This pilot project promotes modern, sustainable mobility in the Gastein Valley. The electric car can be rented flexibly using a smartphone and is now available to locals and guests alike.

Tariffs: € 6.50 or € 4.20 with climate ticket per hour

From February 2023, three additional locations
and thus three more car-sharing cars will be available to our guests.
The Kur- und Tourismusverband Bad Hofgastein, the Alpentherme Bad Hofgastein and Winkler’s Gipfelblick Chalet also support the project.

The e-car can be reserved & booked via the BÄM Mobility app after
one-time registration. The registration is free of charge and there are
no monthly basic fees.

We have summarized all information about registration and use in a short guide.