Safety tips for hikers

The Gastein valley attracts many enthusiastic hikers with its rock trail at Stubnerkogel, circular hiking walks in Bad Hofgastein, the panoramic hiking trail and many themed walks at Fulseck. In order to enjoy a planned hiking tour in Gastein valley, you find the following safety tips for hikers:

  • Plan all tours carefully & stay flexible.
    Discuss your tour with everyone, taking personal fitness levels into account - especially when taking children with you. Plan an alternative tour.
  • Take the correct equipment with you.
    Note the rucksack check list, and any additional local facts (path routes, eventual difficuliets....)
  • Make sure you know the latest weather forecast.
    Find out about the latest regional weather situation (telephone, internet, ...) and also listen to the locals - their experience is very useful.
  • Sensible walking speed - have breaks.
    Walk slowly. Drinking and eating regularly helps you keep up your strength. A mountain is no place for high ambitions!
  • Stay on the marked paths.
    When possible always use the marked routes. Respect the natural habitat of the wild animals and plants.
  • Stop any tours in bad weather. 
    Weather conditions can change very abruptly in the mountains - should this happen, stop your tour straight away and find a safe dry place.
  • First aid kit - even on short tours.
    A first aid box is just as important as a signal whistle or a mobile. In an emergency: Keep calm and ask for help. Emergency Mountain rescue: 140 Euro Emergency: 112
  • Let others know of your exact route and the time you will return.
    This is especially important when undertaking a tour alone!
  • Be fully aware of the potential behaviour of grazing cattle.
    To avoid injury by grazing cattle you should know the ten elementary rules:

1. Avoid contact with grazing animals. Do not feed the animals, maintain a safe distance at all times!

2. Try not to be loud. Do not startle cattle! !

3. Mother cows protect their calves. Avoid cows with calves, especially if you have a dog with you!

4. Always keep dogs under control and on a short leash. If it becomes clear that a cow is going to attack:
    Let your dog off the lead immediately!

5. Do not stray from the path!

6. If cattle block your path give them the widest berth you can!

7. If a cow approaches you: Stay calm, don’t turn your back on the animal and give it a wide berth!

8. At the first sign of the animals seeming unsettled, remain calm and leave the area quickly!

9. Respect fences! If there is a gate, please use it and close it afterwards, then cross the meadow swiftly!

10. Treat the people who work here, the countryside and the animals with respect!

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