Freeride enjoyment deluxe


Freeriding, probably the most original way to get around rapidly in the deep snow, is now a booming sport. The urge to set out into open terrain is relentless, and the passion for powder and adrenaline is grasping ever more winter sports fans.

Info Base & Pieps Station

The Gastein Lift Company has recognized this need and is proud to present its freeride routes, along with a feature that will make deep-snow skiing safer than ever: the Freeride Info Base in Sportgastein and on the Schlossalm! From now on out, this new information and navigation system will guarantee safe backcountry adventures and make the whole freeride experience more accessible to different ability levels!

At the Pieps Station in Sportgastein, you can also rehearse for a worst-case scenario in lifelike conditions, ideal preparation for your freeride expedition.


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