Sportgastein summit

The Gastein lift company is turning Sportgastein into a comprehensive resource and expertise center for freeriders. Together with the specialists from Programat, a Freeride Info Base was developed and constructed in the area of the Sportgastein mountain terminal: It features complete information to guarantee a safe freeride experience, along with route descriptions, a tester for your avalanche transponder and an info screen. The brand-new off-piste info system provide freeriders with the very latest updates and safety bulletins beginning this December.

Wolfgang Egger, head of the Gastein lift company:
“Sportgastein, which spans almost 2700 vertical meters, offers perfect off-piste opportunities set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Hohe Tauern mountains. The very latest information and safety alerts for our 3 ski routes are intended to guarantee our guests the maximum freeride enjoyment possible. It is for this reason that we decided to establish the Freeride Info Base in Sportgastein.”

Safety is the top priority
The Freeride Info Base, the brand-new off-piste information system from Programat, is essentially the base camp and comprehensive information source for all deep-snow skiers. Safety is always our foremost concern. The newly developed system was one of this year’s product highlights at the Interalpin trade show.

Building Blocks of the Freeride Info Base

  • Outdoor screen with current avalanche conditions   
  • Aerial photo of the freeride area with routes marked   
  • Topographical map
  • Checker for avalanche victim locator equipment
  • Safety info (equipment, basic safety rules)
  • Display – avalanche warning level
  • Avalanche warning light
  • Electronic display of open routes
  • Emergency numbers, links

Bausteine der Freeride Info Base

  • Screen mit aktuellem Lawinenlagebericht (Ausstieg Gondel Goldbergbahn)
  • Luftbild des Freerideareals mit Routenanzeige
  • Topografische Karte
  • LVS Gerät - Checker
  • Sicherheitsinfos (Ausrüstung, Verhaltensregeln)
  • Display - Lawinenwarnstufe
  • Lawinenwarnleuchte
  • Elektronische Routenfreigabe
  • Notrufnummern, Links

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