Avalanche Training Center

Sportgastein Valley

Train at any time, free of charge and in lifelike conditions.

In cooperation with the Pieps company, a state-of-the-art avalanche search & rescue training area has been installed.
At this station located on the valley floor in Sportgastein, you can practice working with avalanche search & rescue transceivers in realistic conditions – at no charge, no advance notice required. The high-tech facility is computerized and features a user-friendly touch screen. The beacons hidden away in the training area can be searched for at different difficulty levels – with a set time limit which you cannot exceed. The training results can then be analyzed on-site, or in the comfort of your own home over the Internet.

  • Fully automated search station  
  • Open to everyone, user-friendly and free of charge  
  • Adjustable to create a variety of incident scenarios
  • Countdown timekeeping
  • Results reviewable on-site

So, in order for you to be as well prepared as possible for skiing away from the secured slopes, grab your avalanche transceiver and probe, select your ability level on the touch screen, press “Start” and practice, practice, practice!


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